H-CAP’s work of building a national collaboration of employers, unions, and educators for innovation and quality in healthcare career education, and to support and promote career ladder education for the incumbent healthcare workforce is enhanced by its research agenda. This is conducted in two broad categories:

1. Work initiated by H-CAP looking at emerging trends and developments in workforce development, education, the job market and other areas that support labor management partnerships and are relevant to the healthcare sector.

2. Work contracted to H-CAP by TUF, TEF, SEIU, Fund Affiliate organizations or other industry partners that address individual or a range of issues of interest or concern to the contracting organization and the healthcare industry in general, including professional development and evaluation research of healthcare career education programs.

Education Research
Importance of Prior Learning Assessment for Incumbent Workers

Employment Research
Trending Healthcare Jobs

Utilizing Bilingual Staff to Improve Communications with Patients

Joint Labor-Management Work

Joint Labor-Management Training Programs for Healthcare Worker Advancement and Retention

The Value Provided by Labor Management Training Partnerships in Healthcare


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